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It was always one of my dreams to create a kind of education that inspires and makes you curious of your own life. To learn through experiences all the skills you really need for your life – that is my and Veronika’s vision. That is the reason why we founded the Inspiration-Camps. Young adults can explore their talents and values and shape in different activities their unique vision of life. As traveling is the best education, young adults want to explore the world. That is why we prepared this „kickstarter-weekend“ where young adults are prepared in different moduls for their inner and outer journey: we offer workshops in meditation and finding your strenghts and values to use them as a compass for the future. As well we share all our experiences of over 50 countries what gives them security and ideas for their own planing of their journey. We also make them aware of tropical diseases, dangerous situations as well as meet-ups and volunteer projects in the world where they can find creative, engaged and like-minded people who want to make a difference in the world.

In the Black Forrest region we have found the perfect place: The Naturcamp Schluchsee, where the „Bootel“ was our home and workshop space for three days.

Our vision

Veronika Lévesque is a changemaker coach in the corporate world and in the ministry of education in Switzerland. Me, Julia Schmitz, I am a teacher for French, PE and Journalism. But ever since it has been a passion of both of us to support young adults in order to start their self-defined future and to give them all our knowledge and network we gained when we were abroad. We know how the eyes of young adults shine when we talk about our adventures and amazing encounters with locals while traveling which „just happen“ when you are open-minded and curious.

Both of us love to be in involved in changing the education of our times and thinking out of the box. I bring in the workshops all my knowledge as a teacher, language teacher, circus instructor and artist, as a globetrotter, as a TV-animator and filmmaker and the young adults just pick what they need.
And we learn as well! The participants of the Camp share their passions as well. While this camp we had Longboard instructors who oranized a tour around the lake with the whole group. Sharing is Caring!

A new way of working – new chances

I just got t know and love the lifestyle of the digital nomads last year: People from all over the world turn their passion or an existing business in a locally independent business, so they can work from the most beautiful spots in the world. All you need is a laptop and perhaps a camera.

Within the last 5 years they created a community where they work together, share their knowledge in workshops and do sports and local activities together. The world is their home!

They meet in so-called coworking spaces all around the world where they inspire eachother having a cup of coffee or a drink at the beach while their while they earn money online with their products.
A new working enviroment which I appriciate a lot beacuse you learn so quickly from like-minded and creative people. I would love to inspire young adults for this kind of „workations“ because you meet interesting people and your dreams become a reality much quicker than you think. It is an amazing opportunity to turn your dreams into action!

Safety, variety and connection

Through all my experineces within the last year, it was proven again that traveling is the best education and the best enviroment to grow and find your passion. Even if you start your own journey alone while building connections in a community of your interests, you will feel safer, more confident and connected. Challenges in your every day life will feel tiny compared to the challenges you face every day while traveling. There are nowadays so many platforms which make it easy to feel at home in the world and you do not have to spend much money. In different Meet-ups you find inspiration with like-minded people what makes it much more confortable and fun to find your own way and vision for your life. Being inspired and prepared for going abroad, having a note book full of invaluable contacts and starting your own network that is one big part of the Inspiration Camp.

Key skills for life – language, film and photography

Social media, filmmaking and photography are important skills in our world that changes so quickly. High quality content is powerful and makes you outstanding with your idea.

So many young adults share their experiences of their inner journey or also from their travels on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube and want to make a difference. A good knowledge in this creative field opens doors to intersting internships, social projects and future jobs. Your picutures and films need to be outstanding to be visible and share your message.

I have a journalism and a speakers degree, that is why a 2nd part of the Inspiration Camp is a multimedia workshop. The young adults learn the rules of creating pictures and capture the magic moment as well as the basics in film editing. Who knows when they already can exchange their skills for accomodation and food by offering an image film for an NGO?

To be prepared for all future projects and journey the camp language is english. But we also speak german and french, depending where the particpants come from.

Public speaking

In every job you need to speak in front of a team or an audience or to convince someone with your presentation. The ability of speaking is a quality that is demanded by many companies.

How to speak freely and convincing as well as making a connection with the audience is another take-away from the Inspiration Camp. Body language and an authentic presence are much more important then the content:)

Open Stage

Creativity can be a door opener for many jobs, projects and relationships. That is why we organize an open stage on saturday evenings wher peolpe can show their talents or even take it as a comfort zone challenge. All poetry slammers, artists, musicians, acrobats, singer, songwriter and authors are welcome on stage!

This time the open stage converted into a guitar workshop at the bond fire with many moments in french… You decide where the journey leads you…

Meditation and personal development

Planning your first journey, taking important decisions, which subject to study, where to move to, the first job interviews – all situations you have never faced before. Comfort zone challenges. A chance to grow and test yourself. You shift your compass one degree and get closer to your direction in life. That is why we support you to find clarity about your values, strenghts and weaknesses.

Sometimes it can be challenging in this phase of life. The best tool to ground yourself and stop all the thoughts and doubts is meditation. An introduction in mindfulness training will be offered every morning. It can hlep you to understand your emotions and is a powerful tool in creating your vision in life. Veronika is a professional coach with lots of experience. She helps you to recognize all your talents and skills, discover your „Why“ and look with confidence and fun into the future.

Take a break

The Inspiration Camp takes place in the amazing nature of the Schluchsee, 45 minutes by train from Freiburg. There is enough time to chill and talk, do sports activities like canoeing, sailing or beachvolleyball togehter.

The pot-luck-party and the BBQs were the highlights of the day.

The atmosphere with the group of the Inspiration Camp 2018 was amazing. You were so inspiring, caring and exciting!

All the best for your journey, Mara, Salomé, Svenja und Henry!

The next Inspiration Camp will take place from the 3rd to the 5th of may 2019 at the Schluchsee.

Make your talent shine, find your way and become the best version of yourself! If you move you will move the world!